Hating (and Loving) Your Old Work: My First Feature Film

"Forever Midnight" (1998) - My first feature film. A lot of filmmakers hate to watch their own movies. Even master-level directors like Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter say they can't stand to watch their old work. And that seems really weird, right? But I get it. It does seem insane to spend so much of... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers Season 2 Launches May 1st

We're extremely excited to announce that Voyage Trekkers Season 2 is going to arrive on Wednesday May 1st!  Ten new weekly episodes of the worst crew in the galaxy trying to make a name for themselves. --- We're having a launch party the night before the big release, at Tom's Tavern in Phoenix, and you're... Continue Reading →

Season Finale of Voyage Trekkers

The first season of Voyage Trekkers is now complete.  In a marathon of post-production, with over a 193 green screen composite shots, and four people working on effects alone (and let's not leave out composer Michael Markowski), the season finale is finally out. - So I used the word "finally" ...  I'm writing this just... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers Premiere

The Voyage Trekkers Screening Party on Monday was a heck of a lot of fun and a big hit.  We packed the house, screened our short "Zombie Team Building" along with the first three episodes of "Voyage Trekkers", and ended on an audience Q &A.  We've done quite a few of these premieres now, and I... Continue Reading →

Prepare to Beam Down

Almost there!  With the "Voyage Trekkers"premiere bearing down on us, I've been burning the candle at both ends, sleeping five or six hours a night, rolling out of bed and getting right back to the computer to get this project ready.  But worry not, for this burning candle is a wonderfully scented ... there's a... Continue Reading →

Green Light For More Voyage Trekkers!

We have got some exciting news for everyone on the "Voyage Trekkers" front ...  The funding has just come together (thanks to Tray Goodman and his Inside Creative Minds Media) to film four more episodes of the show.  This will bring the first season to a total of ten episodes!  I'm so stoked that I... Continue Reading →

New Project – Voyage Trekkers

We just wrapped production on six episodes of a new, limited-run, Squishy Studios / Inside Creative Minds Media comedy web series, and I'm eager to tease you guys with the first exclusive images...  Introducing "Voyage Trekkers!"  

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