Trailer for “Voyage Trekkers To The Rescue” PSA Spoofs


Happy Official Space Holiday Eve!  Enjoy this first look at the series of PSA spoofs, in partnership with STAND, Arizona ‘s statewide anti-tobacco youth coalition, that we’ll be releasing in late January.


Normally This Weird – New Trailer On Halloween


The promotion of our other web series, Normally This Weird, starts this Halloween!  The holiday is a perfect fit with the tone of the show, and you’ll see when we release our brand new series trailer on the 31st.   This trailer is going to have brand new footage from all the new episodes we shot earlier this year.  Everyone involved wanted to finish what we started with the two pilot episodes, and I’m so happy I finally get to show people the new stuff!!

Tn the coming weeks, following the trailer, will be character videos that reintroduce (or in some cases introduce) the characters and the world of the show.  These character videos will also include an addition behind the scenes moments with the actors who these crazy characters.

All this leads up to the “Normally This Weird” January debut!! 

Remember, you can always find the latest news on this project, and other Squishy Studios movies, at our Squishy Studios facebook page and our Normally This Weird facebook as well!

The editing timeline for the upcoming NTW trailer!

Voyage Trekkers Trailer


Presenting the brand new Trailer for “Voyage Trekkers”, our sci-fi comedy web series!  There’s been some new touches added to the Squishy Studios website as we get closer to launching the series.  You can also catch this trailer at the Phoenix Comicon during David Sabal’s panel “Film School: A Guide for the Cheap Filmmaker” on Friday, May 27th at 10:30am (Room 129A).

Like our new theme song?  It was created by the ever so talented Michael Markowski.