Squishy Studios’ 5 Year Anniversary in Pictures

Holy smokes ... without even realizing it Squishy Studios hit five years old!  We've been making movies for much longer than five years (one of my first was a super 8 Star Wars film when there was just two Star Wars movies in existence), but the name first appeared on the short film The Lords... Continue Reading →

Stand-in Theater

This is a self-amused post of mine, apologies ...  So when making movies often you need a stand-in to sit where the actor is supposed to go so the crew can light the scene properly.  Well, with the advent of DSLR cameras, we often take a photo so we can study the shot a bit... Continue Reading →

What’s Up Next For Squishy Studios?

- - - Hey everyone! So with the Voyage Trekkers season now complete, this begs the question ... so what's next? The short answer: A Whole Lot More. Okay, the slightly less short answer.... - Normally This Weird. Our first web series. We started it before Voyage Trekkers, we only shot the first two episodes,... Continue Reading →

Making a Web Series Part 3 – Why?!!

And now for the slightly more esoteric and thoughtful conclusion to my three-part look at making web series ... The "Whys."  So Why Make a Web Series? Because it's cheaper.  Web series cost a lot less than a TV show.  Right now Brent Spiner is doing his own web series called "Fresh Hell."  If you don't... Continue Reading →

That’s a Wrap on “Normally This Weird”!

Woo hoo!  I'm still feeling the glorious ache and pain from Sunday as I write this ...  Yesterday we wrapped production "Normally This Weird" and celebrated with the wrap party that evening. From the bottom of my heart I am so appreciative for everyone's hard work and sacrifice. Holy smokes, I still can't believe we... Continue Reading →

Billy is coming

This summer, along with our sci-fi comedy series "Voyage Trekkers", we're going to release our 2007 no-budget feature film, "The Constant Epiphanies of Billy The Blood Donor." We're going to serialize the film, breaking it up into five to eight minute long installments, so that everyone has a chance to see this fun, quirky little... Continue Reading →

Resurrecting Vanessa

Something I've never had to do before is recast a role that's already been seen by audiences. With short films, or even features, if an actor drops out at the last moment and you're forced to do emergency recasting, the audience is totally unaware. But with a web series, which is basically like a TV... Continue Reading →

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