Voyage Trekkers: Live!

Okay, so we did something a little nutty ... but hey, that's what life is for!  We joined forces with the National Comedy Theatre of Phoenix to create a live, half-hour, improvised episode of Voyage Trekkers with audience participation. Commander Powell (Logan Blackwell) and Dr. Rena (Gabrielle Van Buren) visit an alien world, fraught with... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers Commentary – Episode 3

- Episode 3 was shot on the day after shooting Episode 1,2, and 5.  With our environment now inside, things were a lot less hectic.  Well, less stressful at any rate, and we certainly had better bathrooms!  That first day my eye balls were practically exploding out of my head with stress.  On the second... Continue Reading →

Reports from the Voyage Trekkers set

Just six days after "Voyage Trekkers" premiered, we were on the set making new episodes to fill out the ten episode season. The season finale, entitled "Many Paths to Eden" (formerly "Paradise World"; it sounds much more like an original Star Trek episode now), is quite ambitious.  For those of you wishing the episodes were longer... Continue Reading →

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