How Not to Suck at Networking

Festies! (film festival besties) At the Nashville Film Festival. Film is a collaborative medium. You need other people to help you make your movie. From actors to crew, and the better your collaborators are the better your movie can become. But networking sucks. It’s kinda like online dating ... a numbers game and can feel... Continue Reading →

Squishy Studios’ 5 Year Anniversary in Pictures

Holy smokes ... without even realizing it Squishy Studios hit five years old!  We've been making movies for much longer than five years (one of my first was a super 8 Star Wars film when there was just two Star Wars movies in existence), but the name first appeared on the short film The Lords... Continue Reading →

Poll – Your Favorite Squishy Studios Movie

This is something of an obsession of mine, you could say.  I'm fascinated by which stories resonate with our audience.  It's always surprising when the-thing-I-thought-know-one-saw has a huge following.  Anyhow, to make this interesting I thought I'd give everyone each two votes.... (and yes, I know "Voyage Trekkers" isn't out yet ......) And if you... Continue Reading →

Lords of Dragonhoth – Old Blogs

The following is a collection of old blogs originally posted on MySpace about the production of "Lords of Dragonhoth." (Yay!) This is an interesting look back to Feb. 2007, which was essentially the beginning of the "Squishy Studios brand", as Dragonhoth was the very first movie of ours to bear the production company name. Billy... Continue Reading →

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