Voyage Trekkers Commentary – Episode 2

I thought I'd try something new and hopefully interesting by providing some "director's commentary" on recently released episodes of Voyage Trekkers. (oh, and since we're going straight to Episodes 2, if you want to learn more about making the Lizard mask from Episode 1 head over to this blog entry right here) - Commentary:  Voyage Trekkers... Continue Reading →

That’s a Wrap on “Normally This Weird”!

Woo hoo!  I'm still feeling the glorious ache and pain from Sunday as I write this ...  Yesterday we wrapped production "Normally This Weird" and celebrated with the wrap party that evening. From the bottom of my heart I am so appreciative for everyone's hard work and sacrifice. Holy smokes, I still can't believe we... Continue Reading →

New Times Big Brain

So back in May I discovered I was one of three nominees in the Film & Video category for the Phoenix New Times new award for emerging artists, called the Big Brain Award.  I know, totally rad.  I am occasionally completely clueless.  From what I gather, there was a hoopla a few months prior, on... Continue Reading →

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