Logan Must Make Star Wars


Our new short film, “Logan Must Make Star Wars”, is now on the YouTubes!  (well, actually, it’s been up for a week or so, I’m just a lazy blogger).

It was a hell of an experience, as all these 48 hour movies are.  We were honored to win Best Story, Best Directing, and Best Comedy at the 10th Anniversary Almost Famous Film Challenge.

It’s probably our last 48 hour movie, as we’re moving forward into features (fingers crossed), but as both Sean Connery and Justin Bieber say … Never say never.


Photo courtesy of Almost Famous Film Festival

Photo courtesy of Almost Famous Film Festival


Voyage Trekkers 2 Year Anniversary!


Today is the 2-year Anniversary of the premiere of Voyage Trekkers!!!

Instead of looking back on the whole damn thing like some sort of clip show, I thought it might be fun to include some of the oldest archival stuff I could find:  the very first note from the project, the treatment I sent to cast and crew to convince them to get involved, some early photos, and a shot sheet from the second day of shooting.

  • The First Note:
The earliest note I could find on the project, dated Sept 2010 -- Only three months before we filmed!

The earliest note I could find on the project, dated Sept 2010 — Only three months before we filmed!

– – –

  • The Treatment: Click here to download or view the PDF.  One thing I want to stress is that I was really trying to sell the whole thing as a fast, fun, and easy project.  The truth was, we were already busy working on a whole bunch of other projects, so the idea of adding a brand new project was a bit crazy.  I hope you appreciate the irony of the line:  “no big series that ties up all of our free time.”

– – –

First draft of the costumes and colors.

First draft of the costumes and colors.  Nov 2010.

First costume test.

First costume test.  Dec. 6, 2010.

Storyboard from Episode 1.

Storyboard from Episode 1.

– – –

  • Shot Sheet of Day 2 So here’s the definition of insanity … three episodes in one day.



  • — Location: Green Screen/Stage
    * SETUP 1 – 3 Shot, Open to “Slightly warm.”
    * SETUP 5 – Tighter on Logan at door, tries panel
    * SETUP 2 – Doctor & Powell
    * SETUP 4 – 2 Shot of Captain and Rena.  They watch as Powell tries to bypass the door.  *Blocking of Captain has to match with Setup 3
    * SETUP 3 – Captain Single, enters with gun up* SETUP 7 – Powell falls into frame (digital pan up??), Others gather around him
    * SETUP 6 – INSERT of Powell’s hands being electrocuted.* 1 PM – LUNCH *

    — Location : Hallway
    * SETUP 1 – Action of Captain and Powell in hall (CUT THIS SHOT??)
    * SETUP 2 – Captain enters frame with gun, Powell check communicator.
    * SETUP 3 – C.U Of Logan looking at communicator.  Blue light.
    * SETUP 4 – The “heroes” turn the corner and shoot.  And shoot again.  Captain says line and moves forward.  May need to break into separate shots??
    * SETUP 5 – Special TRIPOD DOLLY SHOT.  2 Heroes and 2 Barbarians.
    * SETUP 6 – Captain Powell walks over the smoking, dead Cassigar as Powell investigates.  Smoke machine.
    * SETUP 8 – Closer of Powell as he sits over body.  8A, 8B.
    * SETUP 11 – Wide of Powell, Captain, and body.  11A (shoots, winces), 11B (Heroes escape)
    * SETUP 9 – INSERT of B-Day Card
    * SETUP 7 – Captain investigates corner – 7A, B-Day Cassigar killed – 7B
    * SETUP 10 – Captain steps into single – 10A, Captain turns back – 10B

    — Location:  Stage
    * SETUP 2 – ** 2A (Long take; maybe split up), 2B (after killing Cassigar, throws gun)
    * SETUP 4 – “And now you die!”  Smoke machine from damaged ship?
    * SETUP 1 – ** 1A, 1B, 1C (Reaction shots), 1D, 1E
    * SETUP 3 – 3A (Long take), 3B (Ending tag)



…That “Yay!” at the bottom was in fact actually on the shot sheet  🙂

– – –

And finally the first episode that started it all!  Thanks so much to all our cast and crew, our fans and supporters, you guys have made this a fantastic two years!  Yay.

Season 2 Has Launched!


– – – – –

We’re proud to announce that Season 2 has kicked off with the first episode, “Welcome Aboard.”  Strap yourselves in a prepare for more adventures of the worst crew in the galaxy as they return to ruin new lives and civilizations!

As rewards to our fans we’re going to have a ton of bonus content for you during these crazy weeks as we roll out ten brand new episodes.  This’ll include more podcasts and more Captain’s Blogs.  And, as always, you can find a cornucopia of goodies on our Voyage Trekkers Facebook page!

Yeah, I didn’t really need sleep anyway…

Voyage Trekkers – Incident On Zaltaria!


We’ve secretly been plotting away here at Squishy Studios at a way to both reward our Voyage Trekkers fans for their support and entice brand new fans at the Phoenix Comicon to connect with the show. The name of this scheme is … INCIDENT ON ZALTARIA!!!!

(dramatic music)

We’ve created FIVE NEW VOYAGE TREKKERS VIDEOS that all tell different sides of the same adventure. This may sound familiar because we first dropped the idea during our fundraising efforts for Season 2. How this works is that each video is password-protected … and by “liking us” on Facebook, or signing up on our new mailing list, you the password to one of the specific videos.

Hopefully it comes across as something fun and not too “Pokemon.” At any rate, these five videos all total up to about 16 minutes of brand new Voyage Trekkers content! And lastly, all these videos eventually tie into one of the new Voyage Trekkers episodes in Season 2!

Okay, here’s the low-down on the videos…



How to get it: “Like” Voyage Trekkers on Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/VoyageTrekkers)

This one is the easiest, and also in a lot of ways kicks off the story, with the “questioning” of Sunstrike over his conduct on Zaltaria. This introduces the new character, who you’ll more of in Season 2, Admiral Grissom (played by James Hoenscheidt). To get this video you have to “like us” on Facebook. There’s a custom tab with a gold star on the Facebook page that says “Exclusive Video” that will have the video code and the password.  Now one note … that tab may not show up on the mobile version of Facebook.


How to get it: Subscribe to us on YouTube. (http://www.youtube.com/user/Squishyshark)

The link is on the front page of our Squishy Studios channel in the “About Squishy Studios” section.  Also, if you subscribe to our YouTube channel I’ll send you a message (to your YouTube inbox) with the link and password. Since this is the only one we have to do manually there may be just a slight delay from when I receive the link.


How to get it: Sign up for our mailing list.  (www.Voyage Trekkers.com)

When you sign up for our new mailing list, once you’ve completed the process, you’ll be directed to a page that has the video link and password. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you … LOL we’re way too lazy to send out more than one or two newsletters a month. 🙂


How to get it: Attend one of our live events … LIKE PHOENIX COMICON!  (Check out our booth, #414, and our event)

Come to the Phoenix Comicon this weekend and pick up our promotional postcard, it has the link to this specific video. In the future, when we do events, we’ll be passing out these postcards too … So if you can’t make it this weekend stay tuned to future live events.


How to get it: Buy swag (DVD, buttons, anything) or Donate to Voyage Trekkers.  (www.Voyage Trekkers.com)

Many of you have “earned” this one already having had donated to our Season 2 Fundraiser or purchased a DVD. Now when you donate as little as a dollar, buy a button or DVD, you’ll score this bad boy!

So much time and so little to do.


Wait a minute. Strike that … Reverse it.

With the upcoming four-day mega shoot of Voyage Trekkers coming up in (checks watch) less than 48 hours … and then the Phoenix Comicon coming hotly on the heels, just days later, there’s so much to do.  Obviously enough time to blog!  Here’s a small selection of the images running around in my brain right now, which will also serve as a few teasers…


Still need to storyboard more. Plan: Wait to the last possible second.

Location found! Locked down all locations yesterday — Yay!!

Decided on the four buttons that we’ll be selling at the Phx Comicon … and ordered!

There are five bazillion props and costumes all needing to be finished in the last few days, things are (hopefully!!) all coming together. This one is looking nice!  Good work Sara and Nate!

I think I now have, officially, 900+ “To Do” lists


I’ll be posting pictures and hopefully some video in the next few days as we keep you in the loop of all things Voyage Trekkers.  The Phoenix Comicon is going to be big, stop by our booth (#414) and check out the awesome stuff we’ll have there, including exclusive video!

Stand-in Theater


This is a self-amused post of mine, apologies …  So when making movies often you need a stand-in to sit where the actor is supposed to go so the crew can light the scene properly.  Well, with the advent of DSLR cameras, we often take a photo so we can study the shot a bit longer and let which ever crew member we grabbed get on with their important tasks.  Well, after the shoot you find yourself combing through the photos and it never fails to amuse when you discover some of these stand-in pictures, especially when compared to the real shot.  Anyways, without further ado …

BEFORE; Bracken does his best Captain Sunstrike for Episode 7

AFTER; Adam does HIS best Captain Sunstrike

BEFORE; Nathan Stipes sits in for Danford in Normally This Weird

AFTER; James Hoenscheidt in a new episode of Normally This Weird

BEFORE; Clint gets his mad scientist on

AFTER; Dorian Lenz is Professor Archeval in Normally This Weird

BEFORE; Another Clint shot, this time he's sitting in for Dr. Rena

AFTER; Gabrielle as Dr. Rena in Episode 6 of Voyage Trekkers

BEFORE; Nathan Stipes gets in touch with his feminine side

AFTER; Christina Stoffan plays Vanessa in the new episodes of Normally This Weird

Normally This Weird – Script Preview


I thought this might be fun, to give a preview of the upcoming episodes of “Normally This Weird” with two samples from the written screenplays.  In the coming weeks and months expect more news and goodies as we work our way towards making the new episodes!  Yay!

– – – – – – – – – –



Swivey plays with Simon’s toys behind him.

I thought moving out here and buying a house was enough, but no, now that she’s gotten a taste she’s become an insatiable beast.

I hear ya.

Simon JUMPS when he hears Swivey.

AHHH!  How long have you been there?!

You were talking to me the whole time?!

No, I was talking to …

Simon glances briefly to his plush Karate Dog then back to Swivey.

Never mind. What is it you do exactly?  Do you even have a job?

Jobs are for suckers.  I make things.  And provide services.

Let me guess, your mom sends a check every month.

So what’s your job, dude?

Uh, I’m between employment right now.

So how do you get by?

My wife pays for things.  But just for now!  At least until I sell my novel!

Swivey perks up.

You wrote a novel?

No, not yet.

– – – – – –



IVY runs desperately for a door in the house. It magically slams shuts. She turns and races towards different door, but that also closes. She turns towards the unseen threat that approaches her. The lights of the room grow dark and wicked. Howling wind assails her face.

This isn’t fair Dad!

MANFRED, furious and intimidating, looms before her.

I am not Dad, Daddy-o, or Pops! You will address me as Father, and as long as you live under my protection, in my household, you will obey my will. The very second you turn eighteen years of age you may gallivant off to whatever corner of the earth you choose where you may attend whatever MacDonald restaurant or Britney Spears concert your heart desires. But until then, you shall return to the study and complete Chapter Nine of the Grand Grimoire!

Ivy huffs off screen to the Library.

– – – – – –