Logan Must Make Star Wars

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56u8n9c9IbI Our new short film, "Logan Must Make Star Wars", is now on the YouTubes!  (well, actually, it's been up for a week or so, I'm just a lazy blogger). It was a hell of an experience, as all these 48 hour movies are.  We were honored to win Best Story, Best Directing, and Best... Continue Reading →

Living During A Filmmaking Revolution

This blog is not so much me telling you the answers but looking to start a dialogue on the subject.  Please post your comments here or on the Squishy Studios facebook where I'll be linking this blog. I've always wanted to live during a filmmaking revolution, like the invention of sound, to see if I... Continue Reading →

Filmmaking tips for kids

Last Thursday I had the honor of sitting on a panel of filmmakers at the IFP/PHX Kids Day at the Phoenix Film Festival that shared their filmmaking advice and experiences with kids Grade 6 through 12.  Since I was making movies at that age, I had a ton of ideas on the subject, not all of... Continue Reading →

Duct tape and chicken wire

Squishy Studios is all about scrappy, do-it-yourself filmmaking.  We've never had much resources to make our movies (budget, equipment, etc.), even compared to some of our equally broke filmmaking peers.  I've always been proud with what we've been able to pull off.  But I don't think this "duck tape and chicken wire" approach can be... Continue Reading →

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