Trailer for “Voyage Trekkers To The Rescue” PSA Spoofs


Happy Official Space Holiday Eve!  Enjoy this first look at the series of PSA spoofs, in partnership with STAND, Arizona ‘s statewide anti-tobacco youth coalition, that we’ll be releasing in late January.


Season 2 Has Launched!


– – – – –

We’re proud to announce that Season 2 has kicked off with the first episode, “Welcome Aboard.”  Strap yourselves in a prepare for more adventures of the worst crew in the galaxy as they return to ruin new lives and civilizations!

As rewards to our fans we’re going to have a ton of bonus content for you during these crazy weeks as we roll out ten brand new episodes.  This’ll include more podcasts and more Captain’s Blogs.  And, as always, you can find a cornucopia of goodies on our Voyage Trekkers Facebook page!

Yeah, I didn’t really need sleep anyway…

Know Your Galactic Union Uniforms


Know your Galactic Union uniforms!


There’s method to our madness and here’s your official primer to the Galactic Union uniforms!

CAPTAIN:  Red, with a uniform designed to convey more heroic qualities of a leader.  With Star Trek everyone is more or less presented equally among officers, and I wanted to push that just a bit out of balance giving Suntrike (and consequently all Captains) a bit more of a hero feel.

SCIENCE & MEDICAL:  Light blue.

OFFICERS:  Purple.  The standard outfit for the Galactic Union.

ENGINEERING:  “Hazard” Orange.  Their outfit is also rougher and not as shiny because they’re always getting it dirty.  They also don’t have the arm stripes.

MARINES:  Green.  Like with the Navy, Space Marines are the fighting troops on board a Galactic Union space vessel.

ADMIRAL:  Similar to the Captain’s outfit, they’re a touch more regal and statesman, with gold and black being the main colors.


Admiral Grissom (James Hoenscheidt; right) has to put up with Sunstrike’s antics as an Officer (Brian Blackwell; left) takes notes.


And lastly, there’s also differences between the male and female versions of the uniforms.  When we (Costumer Designer Arlette Parra and I; her actually making them, me making little decisions that made her life an endless hastle) redesigned the outfits we started with Logan’s Blackwell Commander Powell uniform.

We liked the spacey reflective sheen of the colored taffeta mixed with the firmer, more uniform feel of the other fabric, but it didn’t look very flattering on the girls.


Gabby wearing the rejected outfit with the same fabric as Powell’s, which made her look like a medieval squire, while holding up her Season 1 outfit


So we made versions for both genders with the female one being a little more, ahem, complimentary to the female form.


Yes, there were more flattering pictures of Jenna available, but hey…

Welcome to Season 2


We’re really excited to share this first look at Season 2 of Voyage Trekkers which is now in production!

This means I’m going nuts with my ever-exploding “to do” list, the art department is having a panic attack, the producers have no clue how we’ll pull this off, I’m weeks behind on my script pages and storyboards … but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

There’s going to be lots more stuff to share with you guys in the coming months as we shoot more episodes and make our way to the Phoenix Comicon next month where we’ll be out in force!

Credit to Jeff Herold for taking these great pictures.

Sunstrike punch-out

Action packed!

Director uses viewfinder

Now with more Director-ing!

Keith Coblentz operates steadi cam

Some brand new toys

DSLR 7D webseries

DP Colleen Marshall frames up the shot

Captain Sunstrike's noble battle style

Squishy Studios cast and crew

The Voyage Trekkers cast and crew -- Go Team Squishy!

Normally This Weird – New Trailer On Halloween


The promotion of our other web series, Normally This Weird, starts this Halloween!  The holiday is a perfect fit with the tone of the show, and you’ll see when we release our brand new series trailer on the 31st.   This trailer is going to have brand new footage from all the new episodes we shot earlier this year.  Everyone involved wanted to finish what we started with the two pilot episodes, and I’m so happy I finally get to show people the new stuff!!

Tn the coming weeks, following the trailer, will be character videos that reintroduce (or in some cases introduce) the characters and the world of the show.  These character videos will also include an addition behind the scenes moments with the actors who these crazy characters.

All this leads up to the “Normally This Weird” January debut!! 

Remember, you can always find the latest news on this project, and other Squishy Studios movies, at our Squishy Studios facebook page and our Normally This Weird facebook as well!

The editing timeline for the upcoming NTW trailer!

Green Light For More Voyage Trekkers!


We have got some exciting news for everyone on the “Voyage Trekkers” front …  The funding has just come together (thanks to Tray Goodman and his Inside Creative Minds Media) to film four more episodes of the show.  This will bring the first season to a total of ten episodes!  I’m so stoked that I get to make four more installments of our comedy love letter to the sci-fi genre.

Right now we’re aiming for late July for our production date.  Here’s some teasing pictures for one of the new characters we’re making for the show … the alien officer Lt. Jayda.

Color Concept of Lt. Jayda, by yours truly

Clay head (work in progress; and yes we used two different colors of clay) for Lt. Jayda, sculpted by my brother Brian

And, if you haven’t seen it out yet, be sure to check out the new trailer for the show — Yay!