Voyage Trekkers Season 2 Launches May 1st

We're extremely excited to announce that Voyage Trekkers Season 2 is going to arrive on Wednesday May 1st!  Ten new weekly episodes of the worst crew in the galaxy trying to make a name for themselves. --- We're having a launch party the night before the big release, at Tom's Tavern in Phoenix, and you're... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers Novella – Gambit of Chance released!

- - - The Voyage Trekkers novella "Gambit of Chance" is here!  Currently it's available on iTunes, the Kindle, Nook and as a PDF download. - - - Voyage Trekkers: Gambit of Chance  -  Captain Jack T. Sunstrike is in command of the Galactic Union starship Remarkable, one of the oldest and most outdated ships... Continue Reading →

Know Your Galactic Union Uniforms

  There's method to our madness and here's your official primer to the Galactic Union uniforms! CAPTAIN:  Red, with a uniform designed to convey more heroic qualities of a leader.  With Star Trek everyone is more or less presented equally among officers, and I wanted to push that just a bit out of balance giving... Continue Reading →

Local Teamup

*** We're really jazzed to announce that Voyage Trekkers has teamed up with several local businesses to get our show out there in the "real" world. - You can now BUY our DVD at Stinkweeds for $15 (12 West Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85013).  Just in-store though, not online. - You can also RENT the... Continue Reading →

Living During A Filmmaking Revolution

This blog is not so much me telling you the answers but looking to start a dialogue on the subject.  Please post your comments here or on the Squishy Studios facebook where I'll be linking this blog. I've always wanted to live during a filmmaking revolution, like the invention of sound, to see if I... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers – Incident On Zaltaria!

We've secretly been plotting away here at Squishy Studios at a way to both reward our Voyage Trekkers fans for their support and entice brand new fans at the Phoenix Comicon to connect with the show. The name of this scheme is ... INCIDENT ON ZALTARIA!!!! (dramatic music) We've created FIVE NEW VOYAGE TREKKERS VIDEOS... Continue Reading →

So much time and so little to do.

Wait a minute. Strike that ... Reverse it. With the upcoming four-day mega shoot of Voyage Trekkers coming up in (checks watch) less than 48 hours ... and then the Phoenix Comicon coming hotly on the heels, just days later, there's so much to do.  Obviously enough time to blog!  Here's a small selection of the... Continue Reading →

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