Hating (and Loving) Your Old Work: My First Feature Film

"Forever Midnight" (1998) - My first feature film. A lot of filmmakers hate to watch their own movies. Even master-level directors like Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter say they can't stand to watch their old work. And that seems really weird, right? But I get it. It does seem insane to spend so much of... Continue Reading →

How Not to Suck at Networking

Festies! (film festival besties) At the Nashville Film Festival. Film is a collaborative medium. You need other people to help you make your movie. From actors to crew, and the better your collaborators are the better your movie can become. But networking sucks. It’s kinda like online dating ... a numbers game and can feel... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers Radio Play

In the darkness of space ... Hear the mighty engines roar!  The Voyage Trekkers defy death in ... The Quest For the Golden Orb! Voyage Trekkers Radio Play on Our Website:  http://www.voyagetrekkers.com/radio-play.html Direct Download - Voyage Trekkers Radio Play   To donate to our Voyage Trekkers Season 2 fund check us out here on IndieGoGo:  http://www.indiegogo.com/Voyage-Trekkers-Season-2?a=364575... Continue Reading →

IFP/PHX Member of the Month

I was IFP Phoenix's Member of the Month for September, and before it gets to be November, I thought I'd finally post this!  🙂   Topics include Squishy Studios web series such Voyage Trekkers (recorded before their release) and the upcoming Normally This Weird.

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