Interview with Voyage Trekkers Comic Artist Mimi Schuy

The ten-page issue of the Voyage Trekkers comic, which is part of Thunder Frog Studios’ Charitable Anthology (for more info you can read the previous ‘Info on the Voyage Trekkers Comic’ post here), is almost here!  We talked with artist Mimi Schuy who drew the Voyage Trekkers issue.

Mimi 179773_10200706201203126_1316186890_nFirst, tell us a bit about yourself — who are you and what do you do?

I’m a recent graduate at Western Washington University. I majored in Design with a focus in New Media. I also have a love for illustration though, digital illustration in particular, so I’ve taught myself how to draw and paint in photoshop through observation and various tutorials on the web.

How did you get involved with this project?

I had a booth selling art at Emerald City Comic Con with a couple of my friends, Carmela Yu and Taylor Anderson. Woody Arnold from Thunder Frog Studios was going by the booths introducing the Charitable Anthology project. We got in contact a couple weeks later and he paired me up with Voyage Trekkers.

This project introduced you to Voyage Trekkers. Now that you’re familiar with the show what’s your favorite part about it?

Voyage Trekkers is an impressive web series. It’s funny, has good acting, and the sets are well made. The production has increased a lot from season one to season two. I find it enjoyable not only to watch VT for it’s humor, but to also watch as the series changes and improves.

Do you have a favorite episode?

If I were to pick a favorite, I think Language Barrier is my favorite episode.

Was there a character that you enjoyed to draw the most?

Lt. Jayda. I enjoy his character and there’s something about his sad face that I find endearing.

Where can people check out your work?

You can find me at or on my tumblr at

Voyage Trekkers_Color-6

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