Info on the Voyage Trekkers Comic

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Voyage Trekkers is getting it’s very own comic and we’re sooo excited!  The single issue, which is part of Thunder Frog Studio’s Charitable Anthology (Volume 3), will be joining other web series and stories in a collected work where 100% of the profits benefit charity.  Here’s some info on the project:

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What’s the story of the comic?

The issue, which is 10 pages long, features a failed rescue mission to save Commander Powell.  A second rescue mission is then launched to save both Powell and Sunstrike before they meet their demise at the hands of a death device.

Example 2_jpg
Black and white version with temp lettering. Art by Mimi Schuy.

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More about the Charitable Anthology

The anthology will be a large collection of issues from several web series and other web-based productions.  All proceeds will benefit the Children’s Hospital in Seattle.  This is actually the third volume of the Charitable Anthology.

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What’s in the book?

The anthology will feature a collection of other great web series, I recommend that you check them out with these links, such as Gamers, Standard Action, Glitch, Gamer Chick, and another Squishy Studios property … there’s also an issue based off of our 1940’s Cliffhanger Serial Masters of Daring!  If you haven’t seen the short film yet, you can watch it at the bottom of this blog post, you’ll recognize some familiar faces!

From the finished Masters of Daring issue (it's gotta be in black and white, it's a B&W serial after all!).  Art by Tayson Martindale, Lettering by Marx Blum.
From the finished Masters of Daring issue — it’s gotta be in black and white, it’s a B&W serial after all! Art by Tayson Martindale, Lettering by Marx Blum.

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When will it come out?

There’s not an exact release date yet, but it should be available in September or October.  The plan is to have both electronic and physical versions of the anthology available for purchase, which we’ll make available on our site.

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Who is Thunder Frog Studios?

They’re an independent comics company based out of Seattle.   Just like us they’re passionate and poorly paid artists who want to make something that excites them.  We’ve been working with the great Managing Editor Woody Arnold, the issue was drawn by the talented Mimi Schuy, who we’ll interview in an upcoming blog, and was colored by Alexius Poorman.  Check out Thunder Frog Studios on Facebook right here.

Example 3
Color version without lettering. Art by Mimi Schuy and color by Alexius Poorman.

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