Voyage Trekkers 2 Year Anniversary!

Today is the 2-year Anniversary of the premiere of Voyage Trekkers!!!

Instead of looking back on the whole damn thing like some sort of clip show, I thought it might be fun to include some of the oldest archival stuff I could find:  the very first note from the project, the treatment I sent to cast and crew to convince them to get involved, some early photos, and a shot sheet from the second day of shooting.

  • The First Note:
The earliest note I could find on the project, dated Sept 2010 -- Only three months before we filmed!
The earliest note I could find on the project, dated Sept 2010 — Only three months before we filmed!

– – –

  • The Treatment: Click here to download or view the PDF.  One thing I want to stress is that I was really trying to sell the whole thing as a fast, fun, and easy project.  The truth was, we were already busy working on a whole bunch of other projects, so the idea of adding a brand new project was a bit crazy.  I hope you appreciate the irony of the line:  “no big series that ties up all of our free time.”

– – –

First draft of the costumes and colors.
First draft of the costumes and colors.  Nov 2010.
First costume test.
First costume test.  Dec. 6, 2010.
Storyboard from Episode 1.
Storyboard from Episode 1.

– – –

  • Shot Sheet of Day 2 So here’s the definition of insanity … three episodes in one day.



  • — Location: Green Screen/Stage
    * SETUP 1 – 3 Shot, Open to “Slightly warm.”
    * SETUP 5 – Tighter on Logan at door, tries panel
    * SETUP 2 – Doctor & Powell
    * SETUP 4 – 2 Shot of Captain and Rena.  They watch as Powell tries to bypass the door.  *Blocking of Captain has to match with Setup 3
    * SETUP 3 – Captain Single, enters with gun up* SETUP 7 – Powell falls into frame (digital pan up??), Others gather around him
    * SETUP 6 – INSERT of Powell’s hands being electrocuted.* 1 PM – LUNCH *

    — Location : Hallway
    * SETUP 1 – Action of Captain and Powell in hall (CUT THIS SHOT??)
    * SETUP 2 – Captain enters frame with gun, Powell check communicator.
    * SETUP 3 – C.U Of Logan looking at communicator.  Blue light.
    * SETUP 4 – The “heroes” turn the corner and shoot.  And shoot again.  Captain says line and moves forward.  May need to break into separate shots??
    * SETUP 5 – Special TRIPOD DOLLY SHOT.  2 Heroes and 2 Barbarians.
    * SETUP 6 – Captain Powell walks over the smoking, dead Cassigar as Powell investigates.  Smoke machine.
    * SETUP 8 – Closer of Powell as he sits over body.  8A, 8B.
    * SETUP 11 – Wide of Powell, Captain, and body.  11A (shoots, winces), 11B (Heroes escape)
    * SETUP 9 – INSERT of B-Day Card
    * SETUP 7 – Captain investigates corner – 7A, B-Day Cassigar killed – 7B
    * SETUP 10 – Captain steps into single – 10A, Captain turns back – 10B

    — Location:  Stage
    * SETUP 2 – ** 2A (Long take; maybe split up), 2B (after killing Cassigar, throws gun)
    * SETUP 4 – “And now you die!”  Smoke machine from damaged ship?
    * SETUP 1 – ** 1A, 1B, 1C (Reaction shots), 1D, 1E
    * SETUP 3 – 3A (Long take), 3B (Ending tag)



…That “Yay!” at the bottom was in fact actually on the shot sheet  🙂

– – –

And finally the first episode that started it all!  Thanks so much to all our cast and crew, our fans and supporters, you guys have made this a fantastic two years!  Yay.

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