Voyage Trekkers Novella – Gambit of Chance released!

VT Novel Cover - Gambit of Chance 612x792
“Voyage Trekkers: Gambit of Chance.” A novella by Craig Michael Curtis

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The Voyage Trekkers novella “Gambit of Chance” is here!  Currently it’s available on iTunes, the Kindle, Nook and as a PDF download.

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Voyage Trekkers: Gambit of Chance  –  Captain Jack T. Sunstrike is in command of the Galactic Union starship Remarkable, one of the oldest and most outdated ships still in service. He and his crew of misfits and castoffs are never given important assignments by their superiors, and this mission to the distant Poriasis Star System is no different. But once there, Capt. Sunstrike and his crew quickly find themselves embroiled in a highly-charged political conflict between two rival colonies. Along with his first officer, Commander Powell, and his science officer Dr. Rena, Sunstrike devises a desperate plan to save the people of Porias-Luna 26 from losing their homeworld forever … or perhaps even worse. The crew of the Remarkable race against the clock to beat the encroaching usurpers at their own game, and prove once and for all that the GSV Remarkable is still capable of heroics. Based on the the popular web series, “Voyage Trekkers”!

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VT Gambit Download-Donate

VT Gambit Download-iTunes

VT Gambit Download-PDF

VT Gambit Download-Kindle

VT Gambit Download-Nook

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