Voyage Trekkers Novella – Gambit of Chance released!

- - - The Voyage Trekkers novella "Gambit of Chance" is here!  Currently it's available on iTunes, the Kindle, Nook and as a PDF download. - - - Voyage Trekkers: Gambit of Chance  -  Captain Jack T. Sunstrike is in command of the Galactic Union starship Remarkable, one of the oldest and most outdated ships... Continue Reading →

Interview with “Gambit of Chance” author Craig Michael Curtis

As some of you may have heard already, the Voyage Trekkers novella, 'Gambit of Chance', comes out this Saturday December 22nd!  We're really excited to expand on the universe of Voyage Trekkers, giving the fans who want to dive deeper an opportunity.  We sat down with the author, Craig Michael Curtis, who also writes for the... Continue Reading →

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