Voyage Trekkers – Incident On Zaltaria!

We’ve secretly been plotting away here at Squishy Studios at a way to both reward our Voyage Trekkers fans for their support and entice brand new fans at the Phoenix Comicon to connect with the show. The name of this scheme is … INCIDENT ON ZALTARIA!!!!

(dramatic music)

We’ve created FIVE NEW VOYAGE TREKKERS VIDEOS that all tell different sides of the same adventure. This may sound familiar because we first dropped the idea during our fundraising efforts for Season 2. How this works is that each video is password-protected … and by “liking us” on Facebook, or signing up on our new mailing list, you the password to one of the specific videos.

Hopefully it comes across as something fun and not too “Pokemon.” At any rate, these five videos all total up to about 16 minutes of brand new Voyage Trekkers content! And lastly, all these videos eventually tie into one of the new Voyage Trekkers episodes in Season 2!

Okay, here’s the low-down on the videos…



How to get it: “Like” Voyage Trekkers on Facebook. (

This one is the easiest, and also in a lot of ways kicks off the story, with the “questioning” of Sunstrike over his conduct on Zaltaria. This introduces the new character, who you’ll more of in Season 2, Admiral Grissom (played by James Hoenscheidt). To get this video you have to “like us” on Facebook. There’s a custom tab with a gold star on the Facebook page that says “Exclusive Video” that will have the video code and the password.  Now one note … that tab may not show up on the mobile version of Facebook.


How to get it: Subscribe to us on YouTube. (

The link is on the front page of our Squishy Studios channel in the “About Squishy Studios” section.  Also, if you subscribe to our YouTube channel I’ll send you a message (to your YouTube inbox) with the link and password. Since this is the only one we have to do manually there may be just a slight delay from when I receive the link.


How to get it: Sign up for our mailing list.  (www.Voyage

When you sign up for our new mailing list, once you’ve completed the process, you’ll be directed to a page that has the video link and password. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you … LOL we’re way too lazy to send out more than one or two newsletters a month. 🙂


How to get it: Attend one of our live events … LIKE PHOENIX COMICON!  (Check out our booth, #414, and our event)

Come to the Phoenix Comicon this weekend and pick up our promotional postcard, it has the link to this specific video. In the future, when we do events, we’ll be passing out these postcards too … So if you can’t make it this weekend stay tuned to future live events.


How to get it: Buy swag (DVD, buttons, anything) or Donate to Voyage Trekkers.  (www.Voyage

Many of you have “earned” this one already having had donated to our Season 2 Fundraiser or purchased a DVD. Now when you donate as little as a dollar, buy a button or DVD, you’ll score this bad boy!

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    1. Ah, great question! It’s never come up before, but now that it has, let’s say that anyone that donates or buys something from outside of the U.S. I’ll give them that code too in addition to the Video 5 one!

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