Welcome to Season 2


We’re really excited to share this first look at Season 2 of Voyage Trekkers which is now in production!

This means I’m going nuts with my ever-exploding “to do” list, the art department is having a panic attack, the producers have no clue how we’ll pull this off, I’m weeks behind on my script pages and storyboards … but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

There’s going to be lots more stuff to share with you guys in the coming months as we shoot more episodes and make our way to the Phoenix Comicon next month where we’ll be out in force!

Credit to Jeff Herold for taking these great pictures.

Sunstrike punch-out

Action packed!

Director uses viewfinder

Now with more Director-ing!

Keith Coblentz operates steadi cam

Some brand new toys

DSLR 7D webseries

DP Colleen Marshall frames up the shot

Captain Sunstrike's noble battle style

Squishy Studios cast and crew

The Voyage Trekkers cast and crew -- Go Team Squishy!


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