Squishy Studios Calendar – Early 2012

I thought it’d be fun to post the future events we’ve got lined up for you for the next six months or so.  As you can see we’ve got an awesome year ahead of us.  (On a personal note, I’m pre-exhausted just looking at it!!)  And this doesn’t include Voyage Trekkers Season 2 which we’re aiming to release in September 2012!

January 23rdVoyage Trekkers Radio Play – Part 1

January 30th – Voyage Trekkers Radio Play – Part 2

February 3 & 4thFirst Shoot of Voyage Trekkers Season Two!!!!

February 6th – Voyage Trekkers Radio Play – Part 3

February 13th – Voyage Trekkers Radio Play – Part 4

March 5th A NEW Voyage Trekkers Choose Your Own Adventure on Facebook

March 17thVoyage Trekkers Starship Bridge Fundraiser concludes.

April 2nd – Normally This Weird Relaunch: Episode 1 – “Welcome to the Neighborhood”  …also Nathan’s B-Day! 😉

April 9th – Normally This Weird: Episode 2 – “Starting a New Life”

April 16th – Normally This Weird: Episode 3 – “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

April 23rd – Normally This Weird: Episode 4 – “You’ve Got Mail”

April 30th – Normally This Weird: Episode 5 – “Special Assignment”

May 7th – Normally This Weird: Episode 6 – “Ivy’s Story”

May 14th – Normally This Weird: Episode 7 – “Ghosts of the Past”

May 21stNormally This Weird: Episode 8 – “The Best of Both Words 1”


May 28th – Normally This Weird: Episode 9  – “The Best of Both Words 2”

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