Stand-in Theater


This is a self-amused post of mine, apologies …  So when making movies often you need a stand-in to sit where the actor is supposed to go so the crew can light the scene properly.  Well, with the advent of DSLR cameras, we often take a photo so we can study the shot a bit longer and let which ever crew member we grabbed get on with their important tasks.  Well, after the shoot you find yourself combing through the photos and it never fails to amuse when you discover some of these stand-in pictures, especially when compared to the real shot.  Anyways, without further ado …

BEFORE; Bracken does his best Captain Sunstrike for Episode 7

AFTER; Adam does HIS best Captain Sunstrike

BEFORE; Nathan Stipes sits in for Danford in Normally This Weird

AFTER; James Hoenscheidt in a new episode of Normally This Weird

BEFORE; Clint gets his mad scientist on

AFTER; Dorian Lenz is Professor Archeval in Normally This Weird

BEFORE; Another Clint shot, this time he's sitting in for Dr. Rena

AFTER; Gabrielle as Dr. Rena in Episode 6 of Voyage Trekkers

BEFORE; Nathan Stipes gets in touch with his feminine side

AFTER; Christina Stoffan plays Vanessa in the new episodes of Normally This Weird


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