Voyage Trekkers DVD


Right now I’m hard at work at making Squishy Studios very first publicly sold DVD … The Voyage Trekkers Season One DVD!  I’m trying like a fool to have it ready in time for the January 7th FilmBar screening.  It’d be great to sell it at the event (and naturally, if you worked on the project you get one for free!).  And then after that we’ll figure out a way to sell them online too.  Here’s what’s planned on the disc:

– All ten episodes of the show.

– Audio commentary on all episodes.

– In-character commentary by Captain Sunstrike on four episodes.

– Double as many Out Takes as have been previously released.

– Trailer and previously released “Making of the Season Finale.”

Here’s a sneak peek of the Main Menu I’m working on, excluding the Menu Buttons:

Screen capture from the Voyage Trekkers DVD Main Menu


Stand-in Theater


This is a self-amused post of mine, apologies …  So when making movies often you need a stand-in to sit where the actor is supposed to go so the crew can light the scene properly.  Well, with the advent of DSLR cameras, we often take a photo so we can study the shot a bit longer and let which ever crew member we grabbed get on with their important tasks.  Well, after the shoot you find yourself combing through the photos and it never fails to amuse when you discover some of these stand-in pictures, especially when compared to the real shot.  Anyways, without further ado …

BEFORE; Bracken does his best Captain Sunstrike for Episode 7

AFTER; Adam does HIS best Captain Sunstrike

BEFORE; Nathan Stipes sits in for Danford in Normally This Weird

AFTER; James Hoenscheidt in a new episode of Normally This Weird

BEFORE; Clint gets his mad scientist on

AFTER; Dorian Lenz is Professor Archeval in Normally This Weird

BEFORE; Another Clint shot, this time he's sitting in for Dr. Rena

AFTER; Gabrielle as Dr. Rena in Episode 6 of Voyage Trekkers

BEFORE; Nathan Stipes gets in touch with his feminine side

AFTER; Christina Stoffan plays Vanessa in the new episodes of Normally This Weird

Ring In The New Year With Voyage Trekkers


Hey peeps!  We’re really excited about a new event coming up.  FilmBar is giving us a fabulous screening slot of Saturday night with TWO showings of the ENTIRE season of Voyage Trekkers!  January 7th, Saturday at both 8PM and 9PM we’ll be showing every single episode of our comedy web series on the big screen.

So what’s the cause of this special event?  Well, we’re trying to raise money to make another season of Voyage Trekkers and we need your help.  So not only will your ticket go to funding the show, we’re also planning to sell other goodies at the event as well.  We also need your help letting people know about this screening — tell friends who you think might dig the show, as this will be a great event for new fans.  The cast and crew will be there, and they’ll get an opportunity to meet the people who make the show.  Yay!

January 7th -- Watch Every Episode On The Big Screen