What’s Up Next For Squishy Studios?

– – –

Hey everyone! So with the Voyage Trekkers season now complete, this begs the question … so what’s next? The short answer: A Whole Lot More.

Okay, the slightly less short answer….

Normally This Weird. Our first web series. We started it before Voyage Trekkers, we only shot the first two episodes, and we always wanted to go back and finish the remaining episodes of the season. Well we did. I don’t know how we found the time or the energy, but the whole season is in the can. Expect to see the first glimpses of Normally This Weird on Halloween (a holiday which best describes the fun and vibe of this show).

The entire season is going to be nine episodes long, with the first two episodes already out, and are right here. These episodes are going to be a lot meatier than Voyage Trekkers. I once described Voyage Trekkers as “beer and dessert” … these are going to be a full meals. They’ll be seven to eight minutes long, with plots, subplots, and multiple characters. They’re comedy but there’s also going to be a heck of a lot heart to them. I think you’re really going to dig the characters.

– – –

More Voyage Trekkers! How could we not do more? Everyone involved wants to do a second season so it’s just going to be a matter of finding the resources to do it. What this means is that there’s going to continue to be a stream of Voyage Trekkers content coming as we delve into the inevitable fund raising efforts, approaching investors, and as we take the show to comicons, festivals, and local live events.

So stay tuned to Squishy Studios there’s a plethora of new and awesome content coming your way! Yay!

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