Normally This Weird – New Trailer On Halloween

The promotion of our other web series, Normally This Weird, starts this Halloween!  The holiday is a perfect fit with the tone of the show, and you'll see when we release our brand new series trailer on the 31st.   This trailer is going to have brand new footage from all the new episodes we... Continue Reading →

IFP/PHX Member of the Month

I was IFP Phoenix's Member of the Month for September, and before it gets to be November, I thought I'd finally post this!  🙂   Topics include Squishy Studios web series such Voyage Trekkers (recorded before their release) and the upcoming Normally This Weird.

What’s Up Next For Squishy Studios?

- - - Hey everyone! So with the Voyage Trekkers season now complete, this begs the question ... so what's next? The short answer: A Whole Lot More. Okay, the slightly less short answer.... - Normally This Weird. Our first web series. We started it before Voyage Trekkers, we only shot the first two episodes,... Continue Reading →

Season Finale of Voyage Trekkers

The first season of Voyage Trekkers is now complete.  In a marathon of post-production, with over a 193 green screen composite shots, and four people working on effects alone (and let's not leave out composer Michael Markowski), the season finale is finally out. - So I used the word "finally" ...  I'm writing this just... Continue Reading →

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