Upcoming Voyage Trekkers Schedule (UPDATED!)

From the Voyage Trekkers season finale, "Manys Paths to Eden"

Hey gang!  I wanted to keep everyone in the loop on the release schedule for Voyage Trekkers (yay!).  As the season is nearing the end, here’s what we got in store for you….

* SEPT. 5  (MONDAY) “Voyage Trekkers – Episode 8”

* SEPT. 12 (MONDAY) “Voyage Trekkers – Episode 9”

* SEPT. 19 (MONDAY) “Voyage Trekkers – Special Features & Behind the Scenes of the Finale”

* SEPT. 26 (REVISED; MONDAY) “Voyage Trekkers Out Takes” 

* OCT. 3 (REVISED; MONDAY) – “Voyage Trekkers – Episode 10: The Season Finale”

So why the “Special Features” and “Season Finale build up” delay you ask?  Well the season finale is going to be a big, big episode.  We’re really kicking down the door with this one …  It’s going to be a genuine ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ … that’s right, you can actually pick the path that the story goes, and it’s all going to be with video.  It’s a very ambitious undertaking.  We’ve actually shot more footage for this final episode than for the first three episodes combined!  …and it’s going to take more time to finish.

In the meantime, here’s some teasing behind-the-scene photos of upcoming Voyage Trekkers episodes!

Episode 9 is an all green screen environment
Previz for the Episode 9 environment
Episode 8 takes place in the Captain's Quarters .... oh yeah!

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  1. I just found out about this show a week ago or so, and I’ve just finished watching all of the episodes. (Although I had to use my laptop since the videos uploaded to Blip.tv are too large to stream quickly to my Apple TV. Grrr….. Please encode new videos at 3 megabits per second instead of over 5 megabits per second. It makes the videos nearly useless for media centers like the Apple TV, so please try it. The HD will still look fine at that bitrate. Trust me.)

    Anyway, like all new shows, this first season has had its rough spots, but I really like where it’s headed. The doctor is my favorite character so far. I can see her being a positive role model for other women if she continues to deepen her understanding of her character… not to mention she’s extremely photogenic.

    I’ve tweeted about you guys on twitter. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes, and I’m looking forward to the finale! Crossing my fingers you guys get picked up for another season!

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