Prepare to Beam Down

Almost there!  With the “Voyage Trekkers”premiere bearing down on us, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, sleeping five or six hours a night, rolling out of bed and getting right back to the computer to get this project ready.  But worry not, for this burning candle is a wonderfully scented … there’s a lot of exciting things coming your way.

From the Squishy Studios website (

Voyage Trekkers Website.  If you go to you’ll be redirected to our new Voyage Trekkers page on the Squishy Studios site.

Captain Sunstrike's Personnel File

Character Profiles.  On the site, instead of the boring character bios, we’ve created their Galactic Union personnel files.  These will update as the crew continue their adventures.

The weekly Captain's Blog will at /; right now the page is slow to load, appologies

The Captain’s Blog.  This is exciting.  Captain Sunstrike will post a weekly blog of his adventures on the website.  This will include adventures both seen and unseen in the episodes.  A good source of expanded universe fun!

Voyage Trekkers Screening Party.  The online premiere is July 18th, but if you’re in Phoenix, come join us at FilmBar at 8PM.  We’re screening the first three episodes!  Admission is $5.  Here’s the link to the facebook event.

Episode 1 – Rescue From the Lizard Men.  Monday morning is the premiere of the first Voyage Trekkers episode.  It’s entitled “Rescue From the Lizard Men.”  This will be the kick off to our weekly installments of our ten episode season, so tune in every Monday for a new adventure.  The episodes will be available on our YouTube Channel.

Just a few more days … can’t wait!  Yay!  

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