Voyage Trekkers Premiere

The Voyage Trekkers Screening Party on Monday was a heck of a lot of fun and a big hit.  We packed the house, screened our short "Zombie Team Building" along with the first three episodes of "Voyage Trekkers", and ended on an audience Q &A.  We've done quite a few of these premieres now, and I... Continue Reading →

Prepare to Beam Down

Almost there!  With the "Voyage Trekkers"premiere bearing down on us, I've been burning the candle at both ends, sleeping five or six hours a night, rolling out of bed and getting right back to the computer to get this project ready.  But worry not, for this burning candle is a wonderfully scented ... there's a... Continue Reading →

Ode to Big Trouble in Little China

When asked in the past what my favorite film is I've given several answers.  Maybe I was trying impress someone with my knowledge of Kurosawa.  Or perhaps I mentioned how I always get choked up at the end of "E.T."  Or I could have described the humanity and magic that Hayao Miyazaki brings to his... Continue Reading →

Making a Web Series Part 3 – Why?!!

And now for the slightly more esoteric and thoughtful conclusion to my three-part look at making web series ... The "Whys."  So Why Make a Web Series? Because it's cheaper.  Web series cost a lot less than a TV show.  Right now Brent Spiner is doing his own web series called "Fresh Hell."  If you don't... Continue Reading →

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