Making a Web Series Part 2 – Let’s Talk About How

And now Part Two of "Making a Web Series" (if you missed Part One it's right here) - How many episodes should I do?  There's a good deal of variation between how many episodes a season of a show might have, just like with TV.  Ten seems to be a solid number.  Six, I'd say, is the minimum.... Continue Reading →

Making a Web Series Part 1 – Some of the Whats

Why the heck would any sane person make a web series?  That's a legitimate question because creating of a show completely consumes your life, absorbs all of your natural resources, taxes your relationships, and in the end you're probably never going to break even.  So why even try?  Well that's the exact same argument against... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers Event: Choose-Your-Own-Path!

  This Wednesday (June 8th) we're kicking off a fun, week-long event for "Voyage Trekkers."  Squishy Studios' very own Craig Michael Curtis will be creating an interactive text-based adventure for our facebook page.  Every day will be a new installment of this "Choose-Your-Own-Path" adventure where the audience votes on the direction the story takes by... Continue Reading →

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