Green Light For More Voyage Trekkers!

We have got some exciting news for everyone on the "Voyage Trekkers" front ...  The funding has just come together (thanks to Tray Goodman and his Inside Creative Minds Media) to film four more episodes of the show.  This will bring the first season to a total of ten episodes!  I'm so stoked that I... Continue Reading →

Jumping Off a Cliff (or: How I Want to Call Myself a Filmmaker)

Many of you probably know that my day job is working at the Phoenix Zoo.  I've been there nearly five years.  I love it there.  I love the people (the co-workers, that is).  And I love the animals.  But it's time for me to move on.  I'm starting my last week there tomorrow. Right now... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers Trailer

Presenting the brand new Trailer for "Voyage Trekkers", our sci-fi comedy web series!  There's been some new touches added to the Squishy Studios website as we get closer to launching the series.  You can also catch this trailer at the Phoenix Comicon during David Sabal's panel "Film School: A Guide for the Cheap Filmmaker" on Friday,... Continue Reading →

That’s a Wrap on “Normally This Weird”!

Woo hoo!  I'm still feeling the glorious ache and pain from Sunday as I write this ...  Yesterday we wrapped production "Normally This Weird" and celebrated with the wrap party that evening. From the bottom of my heart I am so appreciative for everyone's hard work and sacrifice. Holy smokes, I still can't believe we... Continue Reading →

Billy is coming

This summer, along with our sci-fi comedy series "Voyage Trekkers", we're going to release our 2007 no-budget feature film, "The Constant Epiphanies of Billy The Blood Donor." We're going to serialize the film, breaking it up into five to eight minute long installments, so that everyone has a chance to see this fun, quirky little... Continue Reading →

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