Resurrecting Vanessa

Something I've never had to do before is recast a role that's already been seen by audiences. With short films, or even features, if an actor drops out at the last moment and you're forced to do emergency recasting, the audience is totally unaware. But with a web series, which is basically like a TV... Continue Reading →

Voyage Trekkers BTS Clip

Here's a short, fun behind-the-scenes clip from our upcoming comedy web series "Voyage Trekkers." I shot this myself when I probably should have been directing instead.

Filmmaking tips for kids

Last Thursday I had the honor of sitting on a panel of filmmakers at the IFP/PHX Kids Day at the¬†Phoenix Film Festival that shared their filmmaking advice and experiences with kids Grade 6 through 12. ¬†Since I was making movies at that age, I had a ton of ideas on the subject, not all of... Continue Reading →

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