Poll – Your Favorite Squishy Studios Movie

This is something of an obsession of mine, you could say.  I'm fascinated by which stories resonate with our audience.  It's always surprising when the-thing-I-thought-know-one-saw has a huge following.  Anyhow, to make this interesting I thought I'd give everyone each two votes.... (and yes, I know "Voyage Trekkers" isn't out yet ......) And if you... Continue Reading →

NTW – Progress Report

Exhausting but fun.  That's how I can best describe the experience of shooting the first season of "Normally This Weird" has been.  It's been rough, to be sure.  The shoot hasn't been one solid block of production.  Instead it's catch-as-catch-can.  Some days we're full-tilt boogie, and others we're filming just little bits of the puzzle... Continue Reading →

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