Normally This Weird – In Production

For the last month Squishy Studios has been knee-deep in shooting the long promised first season of “Normally The Weird.” It’s been a long time coming, and while we don’t have the full resources we wished we did, we felt like it was now or never.  It’s truly been a labor of love and I think that’s going to show on screen.  From here through March we’re shooting all the remaining episodes of Season One.  That’s seven episodes, being each about six to eight minutes long, which comes up to about 41 script pages in length).  For practical reasons, like location and actor availability, we’re shooting all seven episodes together and out of continuity.  That means on one day we where shooting Simon in his room from Episode 3, 4, 7, and 8.

We shot the interiors of the Magic Household (aka The “Smiths”) and FBI Special Agent Danford’s place this weekend.  Two weeks from now we film an episode focused on the teen trials of Ivy, and then we go inside the workshop of the evil Professor Archeval, where we get to see some of his inventions and even learn the identity of his unusual wife and son.

Here’s pictures of what we’ve filmed so far.  Next time we’ll meet the Archevals and look at some behind-the-scenes photos.  Plan on seeing more in the coming weeks and months!  Yay!

Adam Rini is once again Swivey Dinkle
Michael Peterson not only reprises his role as Simon but also lends a hand in producing the show
Grace Steinbach is Ivy, the rebellious teenage daughter of the magic family
James Hoenscheidt's FBI Special Agent Danford is a complicated man
Introducing Ivy's overbearing father, Manfred, played by Shane Stevens

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