Voyage Trekkers – Official Info

What’s the premise of the show?

“Voyage Trekkers” is a sci-fi comedy (much in the spirit of Star Trek) that drops in on a captain and his crew during the worst moments of their space adventures.  The episodes are the embarrassing (or comically repugnant) events that they would otherwise delete from the official records.

Official Info

“Voyage Trekkers” is a new, limited-run, sci-fi comedy from Squishy Studios and Inside Creative Minds Media.  Each of the six episodes will be about two and a half minutes in length.  Production on all six episodes wrapped in December of 2010.  The series premiere is likely going to be in April/May, but we’re still ironing that out.

Wait, aren’t you making another web series right now?  “Normally This Weird”?!

That’s right, we’re knee-deep in filming “Normally This Weird” right now.  “Normally This Weird” is essentially four times as ambitious (more pages, more money) than “Voyage Trekkers.” And yes, it was completely insane to do two web series at once.  Basically I’m an idiot.

Why a “limited run” web series?

Well, to be honest, we just wanted to do something that was fun.  We didn’t want another web series we were obliged to upkeep as it’s heck of a lot of work.  I’ve always wanted to do a sci-fi comedy and we’ve never had a chance to give it a proper go.  By making it a “limited run” it came down to how many episodes we could shoot in one weekend.  We wrote seven episodes but could only finish six.  And yes, six episodes in two days was nuts.

Photo Shoot Outtake - Gabrielle Van Buren (left), Adam Rini (center), Logan Blackwell (right)

Who are the characters?

Adam Rini portrays the cocky Captain Sunstrike, Gabrielle Van Buren plays the exasperated Doctor, and Logan Blackwell is the unfazed Commander Powell.

Will there be more episodes of “Voyage Trekkers”?

The shoot was, honestly, one of the best experiences we’ve ever had.  It was such a ball, and we have so many more ideas for the show, that there’s a real good chance we’ll make more episodes in the future.  However, it’s difficult to predict if future (and more ambitious … muahahaha) projects will take center stage.

Where can I go for the latest info on “Voyage Trekkers”? now directs you to our official page at Squishy Studios.  This blog will continue to have lots of juicy info on the making of the show.  Also, our new Voyage Trekkers Facebook Page also has a ton of really cool photos, from screenshots, to pre-production concept art, to behind-the-scenes stills.

And if you haven’t checked it out already, here’s our brand new Teaser Trailer!

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