ZTB @ Intl Horror and Sci-Fi Film Fest


The International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Fest was a blast.  Here’s some pictures of us promoting the event with our zombie minion street team.  A few weeks before the event we canvased First Friday (and I actually got snapped by the AZ Republic), and then later we lurked the halls of the event itself.  Thanks again to Samara for creating them, and to our zombies Clint, Ana, and Jared!

Clint makes a good zombie

Sam makes up Zombie Ana

Zombie kids are extra scary

After First Friday I took Clint to Applebees in thanks … Still in makeup 🙂


Jared at the Film Festival (this zombie I made myself, a "Romero style" zombie ... the make up on his arms wore off already



State Press - "Dawn of the (Extra) Dead" By Anthony Sandoval

Also, Anthony Sandoval wrote a great piece for the ASU State Press on being a zombie extra in Zombie Team Building.  Thanks again Anthony!  Check out that article right here!