Making “Zombie Team Building”

"Zombie Team Building" was produced with Inside Creative Minds for the 2010 Almost Famous 48 Hour Film Challenge.  For the challenge, the theme we had to use was "a white lie", the prop was a mirror, and the line of dialogue was, "What just happened?" The limit on the finished running time of the movie had to... Continue Reading →

Before Squishy Studios

This is entirely too much information!! Think of this as more browsing material, or as an archive of sorts.  It's okay ... I'm giving you permission now ... you don't have to read this all!! Long before there was a Squishy Studios there was "Blackwell Moo-Vs."  And long before "Blackwell Moo-Vs" there was "Technocom Productions."... Continue Reading →

Making “Masters of Daring”

"Masters of Daring" was produced, in association with Inside Creative Minds, for the Almost Famous 72 Hour Heroes & Villains All-Star Challenge (yeah, that's a mouthful).  The nature of this special invitation only challenge was unique, because in addition to the theme, prop, and line of dialogue we had to integrate into our film, each team was... Continue Reading →

A Film Festival vs Comicon Film Festival

Dragon*Con is one of the biggest comicons in the U.S.  It's the East Coast San Diego comicon, essentially, being in Atlanta.  Last year, "Until the End of Everything" played in their Independent Film Festival, and it was a thrill to go to.  It was easily ten times bigger than our Phoenix Comicon.  This year "Zombie... Continue Reading →

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