Writing and writing and writing

I am currently engaged in top secret writing endeavor (Muahaha - evil laugher!).  Let's call it Nathan's Screenplay Number Seven. Writing is funnest part of the process ... and it's also the hardest.  It's true, sometimes the characters will occasionally leap from the page, telling you what they're going to do or say.  That's just... Continue Reading →

ZTB @ The Phoenix Comicon

"Zombie Team Building" played at the 2010 Phoenix Comicon.  It was a total blast.  Thanks to our zombie minions who helped and passed out postcards for us, and to Sam and Nate who helped make them.  Here's two behind the scene videos I shot on the experience: Part One Part Two

New Times Big Brain

So back in May I discovered I was one of three nominees in the Film & Video category for the Phoenix New Times new award for emerging artists, called the Big Brain Award.  I know, totally rad.  I am occasionally completely clueless.  From what I gather, there was a hoopla a few months prior, on... Continue Reading →

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