Lords of Dragonhoth – Old Blogs

The following is a collection of old blogs originally posted on MySpace about the production of “Lords of Dragonhoth.” (Yay!)

This is an interesting look back to Feb. 2007, which was essentially the beginning of the “Squishy Studios brand”, as Dragonhoth was the very first movie of ours to bear the production company name.

Billy The Blood Donor was still in post-production, but at the time we still had no clue what to call our production group. The Lords of Dragonhoth was our first foray into the public arena of competition after a long absence in the local filmmaking community.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

48 Hour Madness

A gang of us stepped up to a 48 hour film challenge just recently. What that is, if you don’t know, if a competition where you’re given by the organization running a line of dialogue, a prop, and a random genre, all of which must be integrated into your movie, which cannot exceed the length of 7 minutes, and must be written, shot, editted, scored, and turned in 48 hours later. Yeah, so not much sleep.

The team was a noble band of skalliwags … Myself and Craig Curtis were both co-writers andco-the-guy-whose-fault-it’ll-be-if-the-movie-totally-sucks. Matt Mesnard was production manager, Basl (aka Jennifer) McIntyre was grip (and colorer of character sheets). Rob Stutsman again brought his knowledge of lighting backtalk to the stage. Our fine cast was made up of Brian Blackwell (my brother), Craig Curtis (as the Evil Gamemaster), Chelsea Monty (yeah, we actually had two girls on our movie set!), Jacob Burton (his virgin outing on filmmaking … we were very gentle with him), and the glorious Steve Noettle (who plays The Stranger in ‘Billy The Blood Donor’). Oh and Logan helped somewhere, sort of.

So our line of dialogue was “I don’t believe you.” Easy enough. The prop was a crumpled piece of paper, BUT it had to be crumpled on screen. And we didn’t get a genre … that was the big hit we were bracing for … no, instead everyone got the same Theme. The theme was “Heroism.”

After about an houror soof walking around Arizona Center, bashing our brains against each other … Craig, Logan, and myself finally settled on an epic battle of good versus evil … afterall it’s the movies that best incorporate the Theme, and that other stuff, that get the highest marks … Yes, a night of heroism over a melodramatic session of Dungeons and Dragons! 🙂

And so “The Lords of Dragonhoth” was born. We wrote the bastard into the wee hours of the night, coming up with a script that was 10 pages long … too long, we should have gotten it down because the final footage ended up being nearly a 14 minute movie (and remember 7 minutes is our cap). The production was long and hard and early and late, but went off without any drama. Before we started we had a big breakfast get-together at Dennys, where I consumed a lumberjack breakfast. Editing was grueling but fun nonetheless.

I did get some sleep, about 4 or so hours each night. No sense in turning in an incoherent movie made by the living dead. In total a stagering 80 groups signed up. You see, this wasn’t just about getting out there with our “A Game”, it was also about competition. In the end, however only about 60 groupsturned their movies in. And then began the long week of waiting to see the results. The way it would go down is … only the Top 20 would be screened in competition for awards. The lower 20, aka the Honorable Mention 20, would not but would still be screened in a movie theater anyway. The 20 below that, which I shall dub the Shameful 20, would not be screened. They had all made terrible movies and would have to learn their lesson. Yes, as I said before, a very long week and one very long night to see where we placed.

Yay! We got in the Top 20! Now begins the even crueler period where we wait for the screening night to see if we mearly scraped the Top 20, or if we are triumphant. There’s several possible award catagories, all with first, second, and third places, so there’s plenty of chances to take something home.

The screening is tomorrow night, and yes I am really nervous. It’s been a long while since I’ve had anything in open competition. And no, it’s not an honor just to be nominated. 🙂 I’ll post the movie after the screening so everyone can check it out. Yay!


Friday, March 02, 2007

48 Hour Movie Results

And the winner of the 4th Best Drama of the entire film festival goes to … Squishy Studios?!? Uh …………… What?!?

Judge for yourself. Is “Lords of Dragonhoth” a comedy, like we all thought, or a drama in disguise?

Right. So either there was some clerical error or someone has a grave difficulty distinguishing drama from Extremely Obvious Over-The-Top Melodrama! And I sincerely don’t want to brag, but we really did get some of the biggest and most consistent laughs…

Some of the Best Comedies, seriously, got a silent reception. One, which placed somewhere in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th Best Comedy got only one or two chuckles at the end.

Ah, you gotta love this world. It’s better to be severely confused with a smile on your face than to be sad and disappointed any day of the week.

The turn out was great, though. A number of co-workers from the Phoenix Zoo showed up, which meant a lot to me.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dragonhoth at the Phoenix Comicon

“The Lords of Dragonhoth”was selected to play at the 2008 Phoenix Cactus Comicon. The bonus to that was getting to go to the huge, crazy comicon for free.

We also saw Wil Wheaton (from Star Trek: The Next Generation), Peter Mayhew (aka Chewbacca), and just hoardes and hoardes of kids dressed up as their favorite anime characters. It was really insane.

The highlight, in my personal experience, was bumping into Bracken Batson. We were partners in crime from high school, through college, all the way to “Forever Midnight.” It was great to see him again, and after nearly ten years, it felt like no time at all had passedl. Well, we were actually both a bit more over weight, and slowly dying inside atleast from a biological stand point, butother than that…

The showing was really well recieved. It got huges laughs. Some guy was POUNDING on the table with laughter, it was great.

Well, without further ado, here’s the movie…

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